Yorkshire Women’s Accelerated Entry into Tier One Elevates Women’s Cricket

Yorkshire Women’s Faster Entry into Top Tier Boosts Women’s Game

Yorkshire Women will be joining the revamped tier one of the women’s professional cricket league a year earlier than originally planned. The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has announced that, subject to meeting certain conditions, the county will now gain tier one status in 2026, providing greater clarity for their existing squad as they enter contract negotiations for the 2024 season starting June 1.

The tier one league is set to launch in 2025 with eight clubs, and Yorkshire will be joining the top tier 12 months later, followed by Glamorgan the following year. Between 2025 and 2028, all three tiers will operate as closed leagues, with no promotion or relegation.

As a result of this accelerated timeline, Yorkshire’s annual funding will increase to £1.5 million per year for 2026. Their admission to tier one is contingent on meeting various conditions related to governance, strategy, and finance.

“Yorkshire’s desire to be part of tier one as soon as possible is clear, and we believe it’s the best decision for them, the women’s game, and most importantly for the players as they enter a phase of contract negotiation, to provide as much certainty as we can about the introduction timeline for both Yorkshire and Glamorgan.” – Beth Barrett-Wild, ECB’s Director of Women’s Professional Game

This move is seen as a positive step forward for the development of the women’s game, providing greater opportunities and stability for the existing talent pool as the sport continues to grow in popularity and professionalism.

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