D-Tech Self-Service Solutions Provider


Did you know that d-tech is a self-service solution provider? Founded by educators, it offers many courses beyond the typical high school curriculum. Students specialize in fields such as design, web development, and photography. D-Tech technicians upload maintenance reports directly to the site after every service visit. This allows users to monitor the performance of the equipment and get the most value out of the UPS investment. This proactive maintenance plan keeps your UPS equipment running at optimal efficiency.
d-tech was founded by a group of educators

A petition to create the design school d-tech was submitted to the San Mateo Union High School District in September 2013 and was unanimously approved in November. The school was founded by educators and community members, led by Ken Montgomery, an Assistant Principal at Capuchino High School who attended Stanford d.school. In 2014, the school moved to its own campus in San Mateo, and has since become a thriving model for schools nationwide.
d-tech is a self-service solutions provider

D-Tech, a high-performance library technology solutions provider, has won a tender to supply 95 self-service kiosks to 47 Norfolk County Council Libraries. The company’s serviceIT units will be installed at the end of March 2020 and will enable library users to check out items, pay fines, use contactless payments, and find out the status of their reservations. The new technology is capable of addressing the unique needs of today’s libraries.
d-tech students specialize in design

D-Tech High School is a free, public charter school located on the tech campus of Oracle Corporation. It began as a collaboration between a public charter school and Oracle, which offered two-week project-based workshops that taught students how to use digital prototyping equipment to create and market a product. During the program, students learn everything from computer science to design to digital media and business. The school teaches students how to create and market their own products while raising money for nonprofit projects.
d-tech offers multiple courses out of the usual high school curriculum

The first thing you’ll notice about Design Tech is that it’s not your typical high school. The school offers multiple courses out of the usual curriculum, such as photography, Creative Writing, Model United Nations, and Design Thinking. Instead of following the usual physical education curriculum, d-tech students participate in sports like sailing, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and soccer. The school’s athletic teams often place in the top three of the state and have several CCS qualifiers.
d-tech teams went to CCS

The first d-tech team went to CCS in the 2021-2022 school year. They were members of a team that helped the Oracle Education Foundation pilot an education design challenge program with students in Mills High School. They have held regular activities with volunteers and are held in the conference rooms of Oracle. The students worked on automation projects and created prototypes for touchscreen kiosks. Students were also involved in student mentoring and sharing personal stories of hardship and triumph.
d-tech offers a rotary steerable tool

The D-Tech Rotary Steerable tool offers operators an effective, reliable, and easy-to-use directional drilling solution. With more than seventy customers in nine countries, the rotary steerable system has helped operators drill thousands of wells. The company works directly with drilling operators and directional drilling companies to create a customized solution that improves productivity and reduces downtime. This article explains the benefits of D-Tech’s rotary steerable tool.
d-tech has built a single app with two mobile interfaces

D-Tech Systems has built a library app called appIT, which allows users to view a variety of services at the library. This allows them to be more relevant and accessible to a whole new audience. The app lets users check their book loans, renew them, and find out when their next due date is. D-Tech has developed two mobile interfaces for its library app.
d-tech students become revenue-generating entrepreneurs

As the number of students pursuing d-tech degrees continues to increase, a new trend is brewing: D-tech students are turning out to be revenue-generating entrepreneurs. Students from multiple universities come together and develop business ideas that tackle a variety of global issues. This global partnership is becoming increasingly common, thanks to the advancement of technology and the growing popularity of global travel. The entrepreneur mindset has become a highly sought-after characteristic in today’s workforce, and many d-tech students are embracing it.

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