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CitiusTech is a specialist provider of technology solutions and services for leading healthcare organizations. Listed on the Healthcare Informatics (HCI) 100, the company boasts competitive salaries and is a self-proclaimed “Great Place to Work”. What does CitiusTech do? What is the culture like? And how does CitiusTech treat its employees? Read on to find out. Below are some things to keep in mind when considering this job.
A specialist provider of healthcare technology solutions, CitiusTech recently won a Gold Stevie Award in the category of “Most Innovative Tech Company – up to two thousand and five hundred employees.” The recognition puts the company on an elite list of winners from the American Business Awards, judged by more than 200 executives. During the competition, the company’s services and consulting offerings were cited as key factors in its success.

Its healthcare offerings span the medtech, provider and payer markets. The company also offers technology strategy consulting to tackle complex tech-related challenges. Its payer business has grown rapidly, with revenue from member engagement, analytics, and quality rating optimization. The merger will enable the company to support the digital transformation of healthcare organizations. And CitiusTech’s leadership is devoted to the healthcare industry.
It is listed on the 2018 Healthcare Informatics (HCI) 100

The Healthcare Informatics 100 is a compilation of the top 100 software and services vendors in the healthcare IT industry. Companies must meet certain criteria to make the list. In addition to highlighting companies’ financial performance, the list recognizes thought leaders and expert companies. Companies on the list provide an overview of their offerings, including videos of company executives. To view the full list, visit the Healthcare Informatics website.

In its 20th year, Healthcare Informatics has compiled a list of the nation’s most successful healthcare IT companies. The list ranks healthcare IT vendors according to revenue, and it includes information about the companies’ senior executives, markets they serve, and specific product categories. The list also includes companies with significant revenue growth, as evidenced by their continued investments in new and emerging technologies.
It is a self-proclaimed Great Place to Work

If you’re looking for a company with a fun, funky and competitive work environment, CitiusTech may be the place for you. In fact, CitiusTech is ranked among the top 100 healthcare technology companies in the United States, according to the Great Place to Work Institute. The company also offers competitive salaries, and many employees are incredibly satisfied with their work environment. And while CitiusTech Bangalore may be a small company, the company is rapidly growing, with over 4,000 people working for it worldwide.

CitiusTech is a healthcare IT company headquartered in Bangalore. As the first IT Unicorn in the healthcare industry, we are uniquely positioned to bring about disruptive change in the industry. Working on challenging and interesting projects for world-class healthcare organizations, we can accelerate our career growth, build next-gen technology skills, and enjoy a high-performance work environment. So, what makes CitiusTech Bangalore such a great place to work?
It offers competitive salaries

If you’re looking for a tech company that pays well, CitiusTech may be the place for you. The company pays its employees an average of $83,500 a year or $40 per hour, which is 23% higher than the national average. The highest-paying position at CitiusTech is Corporate Counsel, which is worth $237,428 per year. The lowest-paid position is Admin Assistant, which pays $45,701 per year. Salary levels vary greatly by department. On average, employees at CitiusTech earn $91,844 per year in Marketing and Operations. In Engineering, salaries are higher.

As the largest healthcare IT company in India, CitiusTech offers competitive salaries. The company has a diverse range of job opportunities, from Project Manager to RPA Analyst to Healthcare IT Account Manager. With opportunities in healthcare IT, you’ll be able to build next-generation technology skills while working in a high-performance environment. In addition, there are retirement plans, bonus programs, and other perks to consider. While CitiusTech is a great place to work and offer a great salary, you’ll have the opportunity to work on innovative projects and gain a high-potential career.
It is an engaged employer

If you are seeking an opportunity to join an innovative technology company that is transforming healthcare, CitiusTech is the right choice. With over 6,000 employees worldwide, CitiusTech is a dynamic team of healthcare technology experts driven by a passion for innovation and a sense of purpose. Their mission is to accelerate healthcare innovation and make a meaningful impact on human health. Our employees enjoy a stimulating, fun, and high-performance work environment.

In addition to being an engaged employer, CitiusTech is a recognized great place to work by the Great Place to Work Institute and has recently been named one of the top 100 healthcare technology companies in the United States. They also work closely with key industry associations to help their employees reach their full potential. We encourage you to learn about the diverse opportunities at CitiusTech Bangalore and apply for a position today! For more information about CitiusTech Bangalore, visit our website.

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