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How to watch India’s Test match in India on Tuesday, May 5th – BBC Sport

What are the best places to watch the Indian Premier League match against Australia?Here’s a list of venues that can offer you the best cricket viewing experience, according to the BBC.1.MCG2.MCW3.MCL4.MCF5.MCSA6.MCWA7.MCCL8.MCRC9.MCSL10.MCRS 11.MCRR 12.MCSR 13.MCTL 14.MCUL 15.MCU16.MCUX17.MCUV 18.MCUD19.MCUS20.MCUC 21.MCUNM22.MCUP 23.MCUMG 24.MCUTP 25.MCVU26.MCVEH 27.MCVT 28.MCXVI 29.MCXL 30.MCXM 31.MCXY 32.MCYX 33.MCYL 34.MCYA 35.MCYC 36.MCXP 37.MCYP 38.MCQJ 39.MCQL 40.MCQU […]

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