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How to avoid the racism in the world of cricket

A series of comments from former England cricketer Alastair Cook and former Australia captain Steve Smith have fuelled growing concerns about the treatment of minorities in the sport.

The comments from Cook and Smith, published in the Sun, have raised concerns that players are not allowed to speak freely about racism.

Cook, who played the past four Ashes series in England, told the Times newspaper that it was a “tough place” to play in.

“I think that’s what I feel and what I’ve experienced and I’ve got to get past that,” he said.

“It’s just hard, but I’ve had to get through it, because it’s something that I can’t do it any more.”

Smith, who retired from the Ashes series after the 2015 Ashes campaign, told The Times that he felt that it would be “difficult” for him to speak about racism “without people looking down on you and saying, ‘You’re not the best player on that team, you’re not really that good.'”

In another post, Smith wrote: “I’m not saying that [racism] isn’t an issue, but the fact that it’s a major issue in the game is the way it has been portrayed and I think there’s a need for change.”

Cook has since apologized for the remarks, telling the Sun: “The way I was worded, it was insensitive and it was disrespectful to other players and to me and my family.

And I would be extremely sorry if anyone else has been made the subject of that type of comment.”