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Which cricket team will win the Ashes?

The Ashes will be played in Adelaide in the middle of July, the first time the series has been played outside of Australia in four decades.

It will be the first Test between the Australian and New Zealand teams since the 1990s, when the two teams met in the first series at Melbourne’s SCG.

The Test series will be televised live on Sky Sports with a three-hour broadcast on Tuesday at 2pm (AEDT).

The series is expected to be one of the biggest events in Australian cricket history, with crowds expected to exceed 20,000 for the first Ashes Test match.

In the first two Tests, England, which will play in Perth, were the favourites to win the series with an unbeaten record of 91-0.

However, after a crushing loss in the fourth Test at Trent Bridge, England lost the series 4-0, marking the most disappointing defeat in Test history for the team.

England won the Ashes in 1995, 1997 and 2002, but were beaten by the Australian side in 2013.

While England’s victory in the Ashes was the biggest, Australia’s victory is considered to be the biggest upset in the history of the franchise, with the team finishing with an average of 99.8 per cent in the series.

The Australian team has played well in recent years, but the Ashes may be the final chance to put the demons of last year behind them and make a run at victory for the title.

“It’s going to be a massive event, probably the biggest Ashes series we’ve ever played,” England captain Moeen Ali said after the series victory.

Moeen Ali says England have no worries about the Ashes, despite a dismal record at the venue.

Source: News Corp Australia