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How to catch the best and most amazing highlights of cricket in the NFL

The NFL season is over, and the dust has settled, but the sport of cricket is here to stay.

This weekend marks the start of the World Cup, which starts on September 5, and there’s plenty of cricket action this weekend in the United States.

Here are the best cricket highlights of the week:As you may have noticed, the biggest headline story on Sunday was the news that India’s Virat Kohli was not available for the World Twenty20 due to injury.

However, this is not the first time that India have suffered injuries during the World T20 tournament.

The Indian captain was injured in the first match of the T20I against England in May, and had to be taken off the field to be examined.

India’s coach Dinesh Karthik told reporters that Kohli has played “one game” of the tournament, and is now in the process of being tested for the virus.

“We are hopeful that he will be fit for the game,” Karthi said.

“The doctor has advised that he should be fit, but if he is not, then he will not be playing.

We are hopeful he can return to the field soon.”

India have struggled with injury this year, with both of their most recent World T15 defeats, to Pakistan and Australia, coming during the tournament.

While they won both games in India, they fell short of their full target of winning the tournament in India.

“I think the World Championship has brought the players together and put the pressure on the coach and the players,” Karathi said on Sunday.

“We were disappointed that we did not do well in the tournament but we still have to take this as a lesson.

I think we are getting stronger.”

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