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How the New Zealand Lions got into the Rugby Championship

New Zealand is the first team in world rugby history to win the Rugby Championships.

But the Lions were not able to make the final as the Crusaders beat the Lions 3-0.

The final of the Rugby World Cup was played in New Zealand and is currently being watched by thousands of rugby fans across the country.

The Lions were the last team to win a Rugby Championship in the New World and the team that was beaten by the Crusades was the All Blacks in 2014.

The All Blacks beat New Zealand 7-0 in the quarter-finals of the tournament.

In the final of this year’s Rugby World Cups the All Black side beat the Crusading side 3-2 to win their third trophy in five years.

New Zealand won the Rugby Challenge Cup last year as well.

It was the second time they won the tournament and the first time they had qualified for the World Cup finals.

This was the first Rugby Championship game played between the Lions and Crusaders in the last 20 years.

The Crusaders won the match 5-0 to take the championship.