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How to talk to your kids about cricket – Karnataka’s most-feared player

A couple of days ago, Karnataka’s team captain and cricketer Vijay Mallya told the media that he had “no problem” with playing for the team, even though it is “very, very difficult to play cricket in India”.

In his recent interview with Times Now, Mallyapal further elaborated on his stance on playing cricket in the country.

The interview was aired on Thursday and has gone viral on social media.

It is the second time that Mallyam has spoken about his opinion on the issue.

In a 2014 interview, Malinga said, “The best way to play in India is to play for Karnataka.”

In the Times Now interview, the former Indian captain spoke about the challenges of playing for Karnadans, stating, “If I was a Bengal, I’d never play for India.

I would never play in a Karnataka team.

I don’t know what they think, they’re like the Indian equivalent of a kite.

I’m not interested in that kind of thing.”

The Karnataka cricketers have come under fire for the behaviour of their team-mates and players, including the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli and Sourav Ganguly.

While the media has raised concerns over the conduct of players on the field and off, the players have defended their actions in the face of such criticism.

Mallya, who has represented Karnataka in the IPL, the premier domestic cricket tournament in the world, has made a habit of criticizing the conduct and behaviour of his teammates.

Earlier this month, he hit back at an allegation that he is not “a good man” by tweeting, “When you want to criticise my performance, don’t blame me for my mistakes.

You blame the team.

If you blame the whole team, you’re a liar.”

Mallyapali has also lashed out at the fans who had been chanting “Dumba, Dumba” in his name after he scored a century against Sri Lanka in the final of the ICC Champions Trophy.