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When does India lose its cool? – Cricketer

The cricketer who played on the team which won the World Cup and also helped India win the series in 2014 was a great admirer of the Indian team. 

Mukul Rohatgi is a former Test and ODI captain and was a mentor to many of the team’s key players.

He is now at the helm of a team in which he has taken the baton in a different fashion, playing his first ODI for India, a 1-0 defeat to England in Delhi on Friday.

Rohatgi had previously been a member of the India U-19 side which won a series in Australia in 2014.

The team had already been training for the tour of the United States in September.

Rohatgiri is a very big name in Indian cricket, with his performances on the field earning him a place in the Test squad for the series. 

He played on a young team, which featured several of his peers, including the team captain Sunil Narine and bowlers Shikhar Dhawan and Gautam Gambhir.

India’s first O-series against England in 2019 Kiran Yadav was also a key player in that series.

The two-time Test captain was the captain for the first two innings of that series and was named captain for both the last two innings.

He has been in the squad since the end of the first O Test.