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How to be more cricket-loving and more human at the same time

Lankasari, who had to be treated for pneumonia after being struck by a pitch, has been batting and bowling since being taken off the field after just 24 overs of the ODI series in South Africa last month.

Lankasara is not only batting and bowling in South African conditions, but he is also doing something about his diabetes.

He is using insulin injections to keep his blood sugar under control and help control his weight.

He was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when he was in his early 20s, and has battled it for years.

When he was at the height of his diabetes, he was unable to walk for more than a few days at a time.

But he has had more than enough time to get to know his condition and manage his diabetes with help from a team doctor.LANKASARI: “I am the first person in the world with type 1 diabetes to be able to bat for cricket,” he said.

He said his diet is now based on the same foods as he does with his diabetes and his exercise is mainly from elliptical machines.

“I think it is good to take things like sweets and food off the table because they are not helping the disease,” he added.

Lankosri is hoping that his new approach will help other people who are suffering with diabetes.

“I want to inspire other people with diabetes to get a good diet and exercise and keep their weight under control,” he told The Wall St Journal.

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