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What is cricket?

Malayalam cricket reporter N Srinivasan, a former ESPN journalist who has written several books, has come out with a book, What is Cricket?, that is a compendium of all the cricket stories that have happened in the country over the past decade or so.

Srinivas, a veteran sports writer and cricket commentator, told NDTV that cricket has been a part of Malayali culture since the birth of the country and he has seen how people have been using the sport to express their identity.

“Cricket has been part of our culture since we have been in the Indian subcontinent.

I have written about cricket, but what I am looking at is how cricket has evolved into a national sport and how it is a way of life for Malayalis.

It is a national sporting identity,” he said.”

I have also written about the culture of Indian sports, but I think I have covered that in a way that I can connect it to Malayaland.”

Cricketer Dinesh Chandimal is one of the stars of Indian cricket.

But Srinivans book could also help in the understanding of Malabar cricket, the sport in Malabara that is mostly played in Tamil Nadu.

“It is a sport that has become a national identity for the people of Malaland.

It has become something that you can call your identity.

You can say Malalayalam is a Malay language, or Malay football, Malay cricket, Malalak football, or it can be a Malal sports team.

It can be any sport you want,” he told NDtv.

Sri Lanka cricket commentator K Sreejith, who is also an author, said he felt the book was important for cricket fans to understand the sport of Malaya.

“The sport has grown, it has developed, and people are using it to express themselves.

It may be a sport for a few people in Tamilnadu, but cricket has a much bigger reach in Malayas and in other parts of the world,” he added.

The book is a good place to start with what Malayafic cricket has become in Sri Lanka, as it has spread to many parts of India.

Sris Lankan captain Dineshu Kulkarni is also known as one of South Asia’s best cricketers.

The book also tells the story of Sri Lanka’s history and how Sri Lanka cricket has changed from the days of Mahimachal to the modern day.

The author said it was difficult to track the rise and development of cricket in Sri Lankan history.

“There are many stories that are just about cricket but we also have to talk about the development of the game in Sri-Lanka.

In fact, in the late 1990s, there were many changes in Sri Kailas history and cricket was just one of them,” he explained.

The Sri Lankans team had to adjust to changing conditions as they played in the subcontracted domestic league.

However, they did manage to win the Ranji Trophy and won the Test series in 2007, 2008 and 2010, winning a Test series against England in 2019 and then taking a Test-series victory in 2019.