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ICC says Zimbabwe will be excluded from next Test series

The ICC has rejected a request by Zimbabwe’s government to exclude them from the next Test in England, in what the ICC said could undermine the integrity of the tournament.

The ICC has issued a statement on the matter, saying the decision was made on the basis of Zimbabwe’s invitation to the ICC Board, the Zimbabwe Cricket Board and Zimbabwe Cricket Association (ZCBA).

The ICC statement said that Zimbabwe’s request “is in breach of the ICC’s commitment to ensure that the ICC and its member associations have integrity and integrity of play and governance.”

“The ICC strongly reiterates that the Zimbabwe ICC and ZCBA will continue to support the ICC in its ongoing efforts to ensure a strong and stable governance of the sport of cricket,” the statement said.

The statement continued: “The Zimbabwe Cricket Authority (ZCA) and Zimbabwe Sports Council (ZSC) will continue their work to support and protect the integrity and governance of this game.”

Zimbabwe’s government has accused the ICC of seeking to stifle the development of the game and said the decision is a blow to the country’s cricket.

A spokesperson for the ZCMB told The Jerusalem Daily News that the decision to exclude Zimbabwe from the tournament is a “massive setback for the cricketing development of our country.”

“Zimbabwe has always been a proud country and a supporter of the BCCI, and we have always taken pride in being a member of the Indian Premier League,” the spokesperson said.

“We strongly believe that this decision has a negative impact on the integrity, integrity of this important tournament.

We are disappointed that the international governing body would ignore this petition and is taking a major step back in our efforts to develop our sport and ensure that we continue to play this game with integrity.”ZCBI president Paul Kanozi told The Associated Press in a statement that the BCCIs decision is “unfair and an attempt to create a divide between the two communities.””

We respect the decision by the ICC, but we believe that the way we have chosen to do this is a serious breach of our commitment to bring cricket back to Zimbabwe,” Kanoza said.

Zimbabwe is one of the four countries who have yet to sign a bilateral agreement to play in the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy, which starts in February in Mumbai.

The others are Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe.