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What is Zim Cricket?

The Zim cricket team are hoping to return to the top of the rankings after being knocked out of the tournament for the first time in their history by Pakistan on Tuesday.

Zim have been eliminated from the World Twenty20, the Champions Trophy and the Champions League after being dropped from the top tier of the ICC rankings.

ZIM Cricket, which plays in South Africa’s National League, was a part of the first T20I World Cup, where they lost in the quarter-finals to New Zealand.

The Zim squad lost their only T20 international match to Pakistan in December and have now missed out on a series in their home territory since.

“It’s a huge blow for us,” Zim captain Shoaib Akhtar said after the defeat.

“(Zim Cricket) has been our biggest supporter for a long time.

They’ve supported us all the way.

They support us on the field and off the field.

They want to give us a chance.”

They’re a big part of our lives and it’s a big loss for us.

They’re a great family and we’ll miss them.

Zim have played in the IPL and the T20Is.

It’s a massive loss for the country, but we’ll get through it.

“Pakistan lost their first ever T20T20 against India in the semi-final of the Champions T20 World Cup in 2015.

After losing the T50-1 to South Africa in the final, Zim were knocked out in the World T20 in 2015 by Pakistan in the quarters.

In the tournament opener against South Africa, Zom lost the match by four wickets and lost their match against Australia by seven wickets.

Pakistan captain Hashim Amla told the BBC: “We lost the first game against India, so we’re not going to be playing for that.

But we’re going to try to go to a series.

We’re playing well and we know how hard it is for a team to get to the finals.

“It’ll be good for our team to be back on top.

They are a big side, they’ve got the experience and they’re a really good team.”

But we’ve been looking forward to it.

It’ll be a great opportunity for us to get back into the T40T20 tournament.