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Afghanistan coach dismisses claims he was banned from cricket

Afghanistan coach Abid Karrar has dismissed claims he had been banned from the national team, as the country’s cricket team prepares to play in the second of three Group B games against South Africa in Cape Town on Saturday.

In a press conference, Karras said he was not aware of any such ban.

Karrar, who was named coach of the national side in January, said he would have been aware of the decision to ban him if he had received a letter from the International Cricket Council (ICC).

He said he had not been informed of the ban by the ICC or any other international governing body.

Karpal said the ban was in response to a statement by a member of the Afghan cricket team, Mohammad Amirullah.

He said the statement was not correct.

Karshab Dhillon, who is representing Afghanistan in the ICC World Twenty20, said on Saturday he was unaware of the news.

Kargar is currently serving a five-year ban after being charged with abusing the countrys team officials.

He was charged in March.

Karas also said that he was unable to answer questions from the media after he addressed the media.

Afghanistan lost all three of their games against England in the two previous ODIs.

Karmal Dostum, the director of the International Federation of Sport, said the ICC’s statement was a breach of the agreement to refrain from conducting bilateral and multilateral investigations, the ICC and Afghanistan Cricket Association.

The ICC has not commented on the allegations of the Afghanistan coach.