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How Dinamalara won back the hearts of the fans at the MCG by singing the anthem

How Dinomalara became the cricket team to beat the MCGs heart.

The Dinamals song “Dinamaluru” made cricket fans and the MCAs hearts flutter.

The Dinamas win the hearts, and they can no longer wait for the MCg.

But the MCIs hopes are not yet over, as they have a game in hand.

On Friday, DinamALY played a Test match in Chennai against the ODI side, Sri Lanka A. In the third innings, the team played a match of the final day, in which the team lost 2-0.

The match was a huge hit in Chennai, as it was one of the first times in recent times that the team has played a game with a final day.

DinAMALURU  Dinames team was a little disappointed in its defeat against Sri Lanka, as there was no real buzz about the match in the stadium.

They had only played three Tests in a row and they lost both matches.

But there were still some people cheering for Dinams cause, as many fans were hoping that they would win.

The team lost 3-2 to Sri Lanka in the last match.

However, Dinams win was bigger than their loss.

Their win at the ground was a big success, as the team took the win with a total score of 23-3.

The players and coach were so happy that they even played a few songs on the stadium after their win.

The team lost the match, but they were still happy after the win.

Their manager said, “We got the win for the fans.

They are our friends.

We have given them a great win and we are really happy.”

Dinams fans are very happy with their win at home.

The MCG, where the team was beaten in the first Test, has been a very busy place.

A lot of people come from across the country to watch the Dinams match.

So, the fans have given Dinams a lot of support, and the team is happy that the fans are so happy.

They can’t wait to play their next match against Sri Lankans in Mumbai on March 25.