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New cricket rules ‘may not stop terrorism’ – Taja cricket

The new cricket rules from India are a big step in the right direction.

In a report on the Indian Cricket Board (ICB) website, it has been pointed out that the rules have not been adopted due to concerns over possible impact on the sport of Taja, the native sport of the Kannada people.

According to the rules, Taja bowlers will not be allowed to bowl more than two overs, while batsmen will not bowl more then one over in their final over.

The report says: ‘There are also changes in the rules regarding the fielding of batsmen.

There will be no fielding of any ball over the middle. 

‘There are no provisions for Taja to bat during the batting session, and only Taja batsmen are allowed to bat.’

It will be up to the ICC to take a view on whether these rules are necessary or not, given the nature of Tsa’s culture and the importance of its national identity.’

As a rule, cricket is the game of the people.

We do not want any part of our game being used as a tool for terror, we are committed to cricket, and this is why we have put the rules in place.’

The changes have been made after Tsa had gone into a period of drought following the killing of a Taja farmer in September 2015.

The Indian government had also issued guidelines to ensure that all Tsa batsmen can bat during their final overs, which has led to a lot of opposition from the Kansas.

Tsa Cricket Association chief Harish Mehta said that the new rules were needed to ensure a better cricket environment.

“It is not necessary to have Tsa players batting over the midwicket area because the field is being used for fielding, but the field itself is a good spot for Tsa.

We are in favour of this change as it will make the game more fun,” Mehti said.

He said the rules also aimed at the security of players and the environment.