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‘Kannada’s best cricket story ever’: What is the ‘best’ Kannada player to watch?

The Indian cricket team has scored its first six runs of the second Test at Eden Gardens, but its first innings has seen a couple of batsmen hit their heads.

First-class batsman Kannadigas captain Sanjay Manjrekar, a former Indian cricketer, was among the casualties.

Manjrey has been in the hospital for a couple days after suffering head injuries in the match, which the Indian team lost.

The Indian team has been forced to cancel the next two Tests at Eden, which is now being played in Dubai, because of the condition of the batsmen.

Manjit Sharma, who was India’s bowling captain during the first Test, was the first to be struck.

Manajrekar and other players have been left out of the Test team.

“I have been in a bad way for the past two days.

It’s just heartbreaking for me and my family,” Manjreser told The Times of India.

Manojrekar has been playing for the Kerala-based Karnataka franchise since he was 12 years old.

Manjarota is the only team Manjreshkar is playing for.

He will be sidelined for three months, the team said.

In his absence, the Karnataka team has taken two wickets from the Kerala team, which scored three runs off the first ball.

It took six wickets for the Karnavas to score its first run.

The Karnavad team had taken three wickets in the first innings.

The India batsmen had scored only two runs off their first five overs.

Kannadas bowlers Sanjay and Ramesh Kumar, both from Kerala, also sustained head injuries.

The Kerala batsmen has been hit with several head injuries and has been kept out of action for a few days.

Karnataka’s head coach Prakash Choudhary said that he had been in touch with ManjREKS father, Shri Rameshwari, and was going to take care of his son.

“His condition is very serious.

He is in a critical condition,” he said.

“We will try our best to get him to the hospital as soon as possible,” he added.

The Kannadees are now scheduled to travel to Dubai on Monday, but their team is already being questioned.

The players have told their supporters that they will go to Dubai to attend a cricket-related event.

“Our hearts are broken,” Kannadi’s batsman, Sandeep Jain, told ESPNcricinfo.

“It’s a very sad situation and we don’t know what to do,” he told the newspaper.

The second Test will take place on Thursday, and will be played in the UAE.