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Cricket’s world tour in India is getting tougher as the country prepares for 2019 season

India’s World Cricket League, the country’s premier international cricket league, has said it will have to prepare for a tougher schedule than in the past.

Key points: India’s ODI and T20 cricket will now be played in India, instead of the two major cities in the countryT20 cricket is now played in Mumbai instead of ChennaiCricket will now play at least three matches in the three cities of Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad, instead to the three matches at home in England and the two matches at the West Indies.

The ICC announced the change last month as the ICC and Cricket Australia were preparing for the 2019 season and were considering the possibility of a 10-team league in India.

The decision was taken in order to provide a more affordable option for the sport in India and ensure the country retains the top tier of cricket in the world.

The change will allow Indian players to play at a lower level than in recent years when the league was played in England, with the World Twenty20 and World T20 in the cities of Manchester and London taking up the majority of the stadiums.

The BCCI said it had to take into account the number of matches played at home, the fact that India was currently on a four-year plan, and the financial pressures faced by the ICC.

“While there has been a reduction in the number and quality of domestic T20s, India is still home to one of the best T20 leagues in the West,” the BCCI’s chief executive, Sanjay Patel, said.

“As a result, it is important that the domestic format be adapted in a way that meets the needs of both domestic and international cricket fans.”

The IPL is the only game which allows the Indian player to play a significant part in the Indian team, as the format also provides the opportunity for the international player to develop a wider and more consistent understanding of the game in India.

“In the ODI format, Indian players are now expected to be part of only two teams, as against the two in the domestic T80.

The T20 format will be played at a number of venues in Mumbai, and in the ODT format will see four matches at Mumbai’s Marina Bay Sands.

The two matches in Chennai will be held at the Wankhede Stadium in the city’s suburbs.

Cricketing fans have complained about the reduced number of games in the stadiums, with one fan, Suresh Kumar, writing on Facebook: “It will be very difficult to attend the two home games as the stadiums are crowded and full.”

A number of fans have also expressed concerns about the lack of quality of the teams in the IPL, with India losing a match to Australia last year.”

I will be attending one of these matches to see what the IPLS will be like next year,” one person wrote.”

They should be at least a T20 side for a decent match, not the IPLC,” said another.”

India is a poor team and is being pushed to the bottom of the league table. 

I can’t see the IPLL being a good option for Indian players,” another wrote.

A third added: “We can only hope for a better league.

We need a new IPL.

“A fourth wrote: “A new IPLR would give Indian players the opportunity to shine.” 

The Indian players’ union, the Indian Cricket Association (ICA), also said the new schedule would mean that “India will not be able to attract the top international players from England, Australia, New Zealand and the West and would have to play two matches with them”.

The ICC and BCCI have agreed to look at the issue of the number, quality and venue of the matches in India once the World T10 is held in Australia next year. 

The World T12 will be hosted in India in 2019 and will be the next stage of the series.