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Why will the ICC ban the South African cricket team from the 2019 World Cup?

The ICC has banned the South Africa Cricket Board (SCB) and South Africa Lions for playing at least three matches in 2019.

The decision comes after South Africa faced a severe drought in the first half of the tournament.

South Africa’s captain Rilee Rossouw said the decision was a “serious” one, but was also “fair”.

“I think it’s fair.

We all made mistakes in the tournament,” he said.”

The World Cup is a tournament where we can all learn from each other and I think the World Cup itself is the best test case in this.”

The ban on the two teams comes after the South Africans’ captain said they could face a “bitter end” if they failed to make it to the 2019 edition.

In a statement, the SCB said it was disappointed by the decision and would be appealing it.

The South African team had been expected to face the All Blacks in their final World Cup match on Friday night in Sydney.