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When it comes to cricket stats, we’re not really interested in stats

When the world’s top five players in the world are competing in the World T20, how can we tell what’s going on in our own game?

ESPN Crazies are asking the question.

The stats section of our site is filled with statistics that can help us understand what’s happening in the game.

We have a lot of great stats about the World Cup, the cricket world, cricket in general, and the Australian cricket team.

But there are also a lot we don’t know about how cricket is being played.

So we’re asking the questions we do, using statistics that we find fascinating.

We know the stats on what is happening on the field, the statistics on the pitch and on social media, but we don, often, don’t even know how the stats work.

That’s what the statistics section of the site is about.

And it’s why we’re trying to answer some of those questions.

Stats for all these different aspects of the game have been collected in a series of blog posts and on the ESPNcricinfo website.

We’ve also collected a few data-driven questions that we hope you can answer by following along on our social media channels.

Here are a few more of the most interesting stats you’ll find on the site.1.

Is Australia really playing as well as it did at the recent World Cup?

The Ashes series was one of the best series ever played.

But it was also the most disappointing.

In all of the series, Australia had the highest score in Tests and T20Is, while losing by two runs in the final was the worst result.

In T20s, Australia went to the final against New Zealand, which won by a score of 189 runs.

And when the series ended in the last minute of the first innings, Australia lost by 14 runs to India.

So Australia was outplayed.

But this was a series that wasn’t just about the performance of the players, it was about the team.

The way the Australians played in that series, it felt like a team effort.

And that’s why I think the series was so disappointing.2.

How many wickets have Australia lost in the past four years?

The last four years have seen Australia concede an average of 11.6 wickets per Test and 16.4 wickets in the four ODIs.

That is an average rate of one wicket per Test.

Australia also conceded an average run-rate of 31.2 runs per Test, but in the ODIs they scored fewer runs per wicket than in the T20 matches.

In the T19 matches, they scored 22.6 runs per game and conceded 26.2 in T20 innings.

Thats a total of 26.6 fewer runs than in all four T20 series Australia has played so far.3.

What have Australia’s opponents conceded in Tests?

Australia’s average runs per match in Tests is 0.8.

Australia has also conceded two wickets every nine overs in Tests.

Australia’s opposition have also conceded four wickets and scored 10 runs in each Test.4.

How has the number of Tests played in Australia changed over the past two years?

Since 2013, Australia has averaged four Tests a year, and their average runs allowed per Test has increased from 0.7 in 2013 to 0.9 in 2015.

Since 2015, Australia have scored a total 11,000 runs.

Australia have also scored a higher average of one run every nine over the last two years.5.

What are the Test averages for Australia over the World?

Australia have been ranked as the second best Test team in the Test world rankings, behind only New Zealand.

They have also been ranked among the best teams in the ICC Test rankings.

The Test averages have been taken from the ICC website, where you can see the Test scores for each Test and also the team averages.

Australia is also ranked among Australia’s best teams by the ICC rankings.6.

Who is the best team in Australia?

The top three teams in Australia have a combined total of 10,064 runs scored, including an average score of 14.2 wickets.

Australia are ranked as being the second highest run-scoring team in Test cricket.7.

What percentage of Australia’s runs are scored on a single ball?

Australia is ranked third behind New Zealand in the overall percentage of runs scored on single balls.

In Tests, Australia score 0.2 per hundred, but they average a rate of 0.38.8 runs per hundred.

Australia average a run per hundred of 0,7.7, which is more than twice the rate of the opposition.8, What are Australia’s bowling averages?

Australia are averaging 0.5 per 100 balls, which includes 0.3 runs scored and 0.11 runs conceded per hundred balls.

Australia bowling average is 0,5.4 runs per 100.

Australia bowlers average an average bowling rate of 5.5 runs per innings, which matches the rate that New Zealand bowlers