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#CricketCup is in its 10th season – ESPNCrickets

The 10th edition of the Cricket World Cup will take place in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan on May 3 and 4.

Cricketing is not the only sporting event being contested in this edition of The Big Bash League.

The other two formats are Twenty20 cricket and the two-day domestic league, with the latter due to begin on April 16.

There are two new T20 formats, with one featuring India and the other Pakistan.

“It’s a great opportunity for cricket to go to another world,” said Shoaib Malik, chairman of the Bangladesh Cricket Board.

T20 is a game played in three-hour halves in the backyard.

A four-day T20 tournament will be played between April 10-12 in a single-day format with Pakistan set to host and India to host.

Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka will play in the Twenty20 format.

It will be the first time the format will be contested in India since the 2010 World Cup.

ESPNCricketers’ Association president Imran Khan said the ICC would be the “first to congratulate” the host nations for the tournament.

He also urged fans to follow the news with a cricket stick.

With the tournament scheduled to be played in the summer months, cricket fans should be aware that the heat is expected to be much hotter in the region.

While India is hoping to win the T20 format, Pakistan is set to face Sri Lanka and Afghanistan in the T25 format.