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When the India-England match gets underway in Delhi: How will the fans react?

The Indian Premier League season has been underway for a week, and it is only now that the players have finally settled into their home grounds.

The first day of the India v England match at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium on Sunday has been marked by some big-name clashes between the two teams, which has generated some good drama on social media.

The clash between the teams was the last major sporting event that had been held at the stadium on Sunday, as the players had already departed from the grounds and their team was preparing to depart the stadium.

While many are looking forward to the match, the fans in the stadium are probably looking back to see if the first game between the Indian teams and the England team will be as thrilling as the match between the Australian and South African teams.

The fans of the two sides were in awe of the fact that they had met in the final of the World Cup in England and were hoping for a repeat.

India have been enjoying a resurgence since the World T20 in Bangladesh in July, and have now qualified for the World Cricket League which begins in the second half of 2019.

The tournament is scheduled to be held from October 14 to December 7 in the UAE.

The World T10 in Bangladesh, which took place in October, has already ended and India are expected to be the first team to win the World Championship this year.

The T20 is the last chance for the nation to play for a spot in the World Twenty20 in 2019.

India won the tournament in India with an aggregate score of 137.33 against England, and lost the semi-final against England by a combined score of 130.15.

It was the first time that India had ever lost in a T20 World Cup match.

The second semi-finals, held in New Zealand in August, ended with India winning by seven wickets and England winning by 10 wickets.

The final, held at Delhi in October is scheduled for November 6 and will feature India, England and Sri Lanka in the finals.

The two-match series will be the last of the 2017 World Cup, which ended in a draw.

The Indian teams have not played a T10 since June, which was the only time the two franchises played a match in their domestic competitions.

The series will also be the only T20 series between the nations.

The last T20 international match between India and England was held in April, when India won by a score of 4-1 in the opening match.

While the two countries will be battling for the same World Cup berth in 2019, the Indian fans will be hoping that the match will be a little more intense than the first one.