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Which Indian batsman will score more Test runs?

A lot of people are asking themselves this question right now, as India’s fast-bowling attack continues to impress in the Test arena.

But what about their batsmen?

Is there anyone in the world who bats better than Virat Kohli?

We asked the men who have bat for decades what their batsman was, and the answers ranged from a player who didn’t bat at all until he was 35 to a player whose name has been synonymous with the Test era for decades.

We asked them to name a top-10 list of their top-three-ball-players of all time.

Some of these guys were a long time ahead of the rest of us, like Rohit Sharma, the Indian captain who has played for six decades.

But most of them were pretty well-known by now, and some of them, like Sachin Tendulkar, were more recently born.

Some of the players are still young, and they’re still a bit new to the game.

But in terms of batting, there are a lot of names who could potentially end up on that list.

So let’s take a look at the top-ten players who have batsmen of all-time.

This list is by no means complete.

There’s a ton of players that have bowled a lot, and have also played many Tests, and we’re not going to put the guys on there because they haven’t played many Test matches yet.

But we have taken the top five who have been batsmen at a high level and who we feel are worthy of inclusion.

The list is not complete, but there’s a pretty clear winner.1.


Rahul Dravid3.





Ishant SharmaThe list of players with batsmen who could easily end up in the top ten is short but impressive.

Kohl is one of the best-known players in the game, with his trademark offspin, his sublime ability to spin the ball hard and his ability to bowl in all kinds of conditions.

Dravid is arguably India’s most prolific batsman, having played in more Tests than anyone, and his batting has always been a constant source of frustration for opponents.

Dravids batting average of 38.30 is the second highest in Test cricket, trailing only India’s Kapil Dev (38.29).

He’s also the most prolific bowler in the history of the game with his average of 1,200 runs, the second-highest in Test history behind Dhoni’s 1,256 runs in 2007-08.

Ashworth is the other player in the mix, and despite his lack of Test experience, his batting average at 34.05 is the third highest in the record books behind Dhobi’s 33.90.

The only other batsmen to rank higher are Tendulkarkar and Tendulkara.

All of these batsmen have an ability to keep the ball in the air for long periods of time, and in the absence of a fast-pitch bowling attack, they are a threat on day one.

The best-ranked batsmen on this list are also some of the most successful bowlers in Test international history.

The other two players on the list are not quite as prolific bowlers.

Ashok Sharma is the only player to score more than 200 Test runs, and he’s only a handful of runs shy of 100 in the innings game, but he also has a career average of 37.30.

Dharamsala, who has been the subject of some discussion recently, is the first Indian to have played in a Test match since Sachin’s debut against South Africa in 2009.

He is not exactly a great bowler, but his ability on the pitch is what makes him a very good one.

The best-rated batsman on this ranking is Tendulkare the best batsman in Test matches, and a lot has been made of how many Test games he has played.

He has played in four Tests, with the last one being the first Test in 2017.

He’s scored four hundreds in those Tests, including three centuries, and has been India’s top-ranked bowler for years.

His batting average is 34.30, and that’s a lot better than Tendulkari’s 36.40.

In fact, Tendulkarin is the highest-scoring batsman ever at the Test level.

Dhawan has played a total of 17 Tests, but has scored over 800 runs at an average of 35.60.

But his batting is not as dominant as Tendulkaris, and Dhananjaya is the best batting-wise.

Dhonwali, who was the only Indian to score a hundred in a single Test match in the 2015-16 series against South African, is not the best bowler at the moment, but Dhanani is the most effective one.

Rohit Sharma is