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What do you think of Barbados Cricket?

In recent times, Barbadas Cricket has been in a bit of a slump, with a lot of teams dropping down the rankings in the latest rankings.

The latest ranking, however, seems to be something of a turnaround for Barbada, with the Barbadans now ranking number one in the world.

The ranking, which was released this morning, puts Barbado in a position of being the second highest ranked team in the entire world, behind only the USA.

The USA is in first place in the Asia-Pacific region with 13th place, followed by South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and New Zealand.

Australia is the number one team in Europe, with 17th place.

Barbadoos bowling attack is ranked as the best in the tournament, ahead of the likes of India, South Africa and New Zealand in the batting order.

The most recent rankings also include a number of the top 10 bowling sides in the history of the competition, which includes a few teams that were never represented in the top four in the previous rankings.

Barb’s XI is ranked number one for the second consecutive year, having scored the most runs in the last edition of the rankings.

The team is represented in two of the eight ODI tournaments, and the team will play a test match in the Caribbean next month, when it will face New Zealand in the semi-finals of the World Twenty20.