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How to watch cricket in Afghanistan – a guide

How to see the best cricket in a foreign country?

There are few things more frustrating than trying to find out which side is playing, or when the next Test is, in Afghanistan.

The lack of live coverage in Afghanistan, combined with the country’s lack of a good TV network, has left cricket fans frustrated.

However, cricket fans can get some relief by following the cricket TV channels.

There are five major TV channels, and all of them offer the game in their own language.

We’ve selected five of them below, and given a rundown of the best of the rest.

In the future, we’ll be releasing a guide to which channels offer the best viewing experience.

Best Cricket TV channels in Afghanistan Best TV channels for cricket in the country Most of the channels above offer live cricket, and are available in the languages of the countries most important players.

These are the most popular channels for English, Arabic and Chinese.

BBC Arabic:  BBC Arabic TV channels are available for English and Arabic.

They have English, Chinese and English-language content.

You can also watch the local cricket matches on the BBC Sport website and on BBC World Service.

English-Language English: English-language channels such as BBC World Services, the BBC Radio 5 live sports channel, the ITV Sport website, and the BBC Arabic Radio, all offer English-only content.

These include ESPN’s ESPN FC, and ESPN Sportsnet, and some channels, such as ESPN World Service and ESPN Classic, also carry local content.

BBC English: English-based channels such in BBC World, BBC Sport, and ITV Sport are available.

These channels have English-specific content, and you can also follow local cricket on the ITV Sports website.

BBC Arabic: BBC Al Arabiya is a British-based TV channel that offers English-speaking content.

English (English-only):  You can listen to English-subtitled cricket on BBC Arabic TV.

You can watch the English Premier League matches on BBC Sport’s website and watch the matches on ITV Sport’s YouTube channel.

Chinese (Chinese-only) English: You can watch English-cricketing on China TV.

BBC Chinese: BBC Chinese TV channels offer English language coverage, and Chinese-language games.

Arabic English: BBC Arabic is an English-centric channel.

BBC Al Arabiyah offers English language and Arabic-language broadcasts.

French (French-only), Spanish (Spanish-only and Spanish-only simulcast), Italian (Italian-only, and Italian-only with subtitles) English, German, Italian, French, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Danish and Finnish: There are English- and Spanish language channels available.

The BBC Radio 4, ITV, and BBC Sport websites offer English and French-language cricket, with English-Spanish subtitles.

The BBC Sport site offers a guide with English and Spanish content for those who don’t speak the language.

German (German-only on German-language radio channels) English and German-based sports channels, including BBC Sport and BBC Radio 2.

Italian (Italian and Italian simulcast) English-to-Italian cricket, including ITV, ESPN, Radio 4 and BBC Two.

Portuguese-language English (Portugese-only for Italian sports channels) You can listen in Portuguese to English cricket on Radio Portugal.

Spanish-language Spanish-language sports channels including Univision and Univision Deportes, as well as Telemundo and Radio La Gran D, and local English-English cricket matches.

Turkish English: Turkish-language TV channels such BBC Sport (Turkish), Sky Sports, CNN, Al Jazeera, and CNBC offer English coverage, while Spanish-Spanish sports channels such La Liga (Spanish) and La Liga Deportivo (Spanish).

Russian English: Russian-language television channels such RT (Russian) and Sputnik are available, while English-Russian language channels such Al Jazeera and Russia Today offer English.

Japanese English: Japanese-language broadcasters such NHK, TV Asahi, NHK Now, and Fuji TV are available to listen to, and Japanese-English language channels including KBS, SBS, NTV, NHN, NHM, and NTV-2 are available as well.

Tournament English: There are English and Chinese language channels that offer English cricket coverage. 

English English-Cricket: There is English- to Chinese-only cricket on a variety of English-Chinese channels.

English to Chinese English: Chinese-English matches are available on a Chinese- and English channel. 

 Tournament Hindi: There’s English- Hindi channel on a number of Indian-language services, including Bajrangi Bhaijaan, News 24, and NDTV. 

Tennis English: Tennis channels such ASH, Tennis Channel India, and Tennis Channel Pakistan are available