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How to get the best cricket in Kerala

As a child, I was the youngest in my family and I have seen the same thing happen in my cricket career.

I have had a lot of success in my career with the Kerala Cricket Association and even got to play in the Kerala Cup against Sri Lanka.

I was part of a team which won the championship of the Indian Super League (ISL).

I was also part of the Kerala State Cup team which was also beaten by Sri Lanka in the final.

However, my journey in cricket is not a happy one.

When I was 18, I joined the Kerala Cricketers’ Association (KCA) and started to play the game in my home town.

I had to learn the basics and how to play at the highest level, but my career started to go wrong at the end of the last season.

I played for the Kerala Super League for the first time in January 2016, but I fell down in the second innings.

I lost two wickets on the last day.

My body just felt so weak that I could hardly play.

I played on the bench and went home.

I kept playing the game, but it was difficult to find the right rhythm.

I thought I would never play cricket again, but after one year I started training.

I started to learn from the best coaches and picked up a new skill.

My wife, who was a teacher at a private school, was also there and she helped me out.

I went through my training and got my first wicket in January 2017.

I felt that I was ready to start playing cricket again.

I started playing the sport after I finished my education.

I would spend hours in the gym and would go on the field every morning.

I trained at the same time every day and kept practicing till the end.

At the end, I realised that the training was the most important part of my career and I felt like I could get any results if I wanted.

I also found that I had the passion to play cricket, which helped me to develop the strength and the stamina I needed to play better.

I decided to take up coaching at the age of 23, when I was in my mid-20s.

The first year was hard.

I wanted to be a top-class player but I struggled in the field.

I struggled to get a run in a game and I couldn’t control my aggression in the nets.

The ball would always come up, but that would be the last I heard of it.

I didn’t think that it would be an easy task to win a game, so I just tried to stay out of it as much as possible.

I wasn’t very good in batting either.

In the third year, I started making progress and in the fourth year, the KCA coach, Manish Kumar, told me that he thought I could be a Test cricketer.

He also told me I was one of the top 10 young cricketers in the country.

This gave me confidence.

After winning a few international matches for the KCC, I played a few ODIs in my first season.

I came out with a good score in the first ODI against England in June 2016.

The next day, I bowled a century in the one-dayers against England.

I think that was the first big step in my growth as a crickler.