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Why did the World Cup not get any bigger?

The World Cup was supposed to bring in the world’s biggest sporting event, but for all its big-money draw, the tournament’s final four games ended up being smaller.

The four-team tournament has had to put up with a few more smaller games, with Bangladesh losing the final to New Zealand in the opening two games, and Australia falling to Sri Lanka in the third.

Cricket’s world governing body, the ICC, has also been criticised for the way it has handled the final four of the tournament.

India and West Indies were given a reprieve after the West Indies’ win in the final, which had been scheduled for a mid-afternoon kickoff.

ESPNcricinfo’s Mark Taylor (@mark_taylor) wrote that West Indies would have needed to play three games in four days to win their quarter-final against Pakistan, and they would have also needed to win two of the three games they had to play.

The World Cup is often described as a “championship tournament” and a “festival of the games”, but the reality is that it is a much more condensed and low-stakes competition, with the final three games happening in one day.

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