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Why did the Australian cricket team miss out on the chance to play in the World Cup?

Posted November 01, 2018 08:19:06 An Aussie team that missed out on an invitation to the World Twenty20 is not the only one frustrated with their exclusion from the tournament.

The Cricket Australia team that is playing in the upcoming tournament is also frustrated with the decision to not invite them to play.

The squad is playing a second-tier cricket league in Queensland this summer and is in a precarious position because of the number of games the Aussies play in.

However, Cricket Australia chief executive David Smith said he was not surprised that the Aussie squad did not make it to the event.

“The players have got an extremely tough job.

The competition is tough, it’s not easy and you have to be as sharp as you can be and you need to be ready to play and win every match,” Smith said.”

It is not something you can afford to miss out because it is a great opportunity for the players and for the fans.”

You’ve got to have the best players on the field and we don’t want our players to miss the opportunity.

“If we have a squad that can’t go to the tournament, I think we’re all really disappointed in our players and that’s the bottom line.”

Cricket Australia has already confirmed that the squad will play a second tier league in Brisbane and will play only two matches at the tournament and will only be invited to play one match.

Smith said the players had a difficult decision to make when deciding to not go to Brazil.

“That was a tough decision for them, to say that it is something that we are going to miss is a bit of a stretch to make,” he said.

“But they have got to make that decision.”

Crickets coach Phil Simmons said the squad had a good understanding of the competition and it was a decision that was difficult to take.

“I think the players know that they are going into a World Cup tournament, and they understand that there is a big competition out there, and so they understand what it’s like,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

“They know what it means to go through a tough group of players and they know that if they do the right things and work hard, that they will be able to win games and they can go to Rio.”

Smith also said the AUS players were not going to be given any additional advice on the format of the tournament if they were to miss Brazil.

“We have given them the option of going back and having a bit more training and talking to them about what they need to do to be successful in Rio,” he explained.

“We’ve given them a few different scenarios.”

Some of them, it might be an overseas tour, some of them might be the same players that will be playing at the World T20 in a couple of weeks time.

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