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New Zealand opens 2017 with final Test match in Christchurch

The New Zealand Cricket Board has released the final of its 2017 Women’s Cricket World Cup.

It is the fifth Test match of the Women’s World Cup, the third time it has been played in ChristChurch, and the first for the country since 2015.

The game between the Kiwis and Australia, the first match of a new five-match series, was played in Wellington on Saturday (AEST).

New Zealand’s two women’s teams will meet in Christ Church on Saturday, followed by a second match on Monday.

The final was held in Christ the third day of the tournament and featured five matches, each involving a different team.

New Zealand’s Women’s team have won the past four games.

They have beaten England, Australia and New Zealand twice, but have only been able to reach the semi-finals in the past two seasons.

The Kiwis have won seven matches in a row, including three in a short period of time, but they have not reached the final since the final in 2015.