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How cricket fans in Marathi are taking on the new Indian Premier League?

Marathi cricket fans have been using social media to voice their anger against the new season of Indian Premier Leagues, with fans threatening to boycott matches and boycotting the IPL in a bid to preserve their national pride.

Here’s how cricket fans are reacting to the IPTL:”If you have to watch the IPLV on TV, you can’t play any match against India.

It is the same as watching a soap opera, you have nothing to lose and you are the hero of the story.

You cannot just go and go,” one Marathi fan told News24.”

If India wins, you will be humiliated.

If India loses, the fans will get angry and they will boycott the IPLD,” another fan said.

One Marathi Twitter user said that the new IPL season would have a different feel, with players “being given different roles and not being the star players, and not even being able to play in the final”.

“If the IPLI were to go ahead, we would not be able to watch games, we will not be the ones watching the matches.

I cannot watch the match with my wife, I would just leave and leave,” the user added.”

The IPL will be a disaster for cricket.

You can watch it on TV only because it is a national sport, but the IPLS will be like soap opera.

It will be only for the people who are watching the game, and the fans of other leagues will not watch the matches,” the fan added.

Fans are also unhappy with the IPLC’s decision to introduce a minimum wage of ₹1,200 for domestic players.

“We are being cheated.

I am scared of what the IPPL will do to the country if they introduce the minimum wage.

It’s not fair to the Indian cricket fans,” another Marathi twitter user said.

Another fan said that his parents were worried about his safety, adding that “they can’t see me anywhere.

I don’t know if my parents will come out for matches.

If they do, they will get the worst news.””

If I go to the stadium, I will not play the match, I won’t even go to my friends’ houses,” the Marathi football fan said, adding: “I will be going to a friend’s house only.””

The whole world is watching the IPSL.

It can’t be helped, it is the Indian Premier league.

We have nothing against the IPFL, it will be better for us, but if they bring a minimum salary, it means they have to give a certain amount to the players,” the Fan added.

The IPLS has been announced after a series of controversial incidents, including the killing of a 16-year-old girl who was allegedly beaten up by her uncle at a hotel in Bangalore.

The league, which has been accused of being rigged against the Indian public, is scheduled to start in 2019 and the IPLE has been criticised by several rights groups.