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ESPN is looking to make the cricket news for the whole world

ESPN is working with cricket network ESPNcricinfo to make cricket news available to the whole cricket world, the company’s chief executive says.

The news and commentary company, which owns ESPN and ESPN2, said on Wednesday that it had been exploring ways to launch a cricket content initiative since last month, when ESPNCricinfo announced that it would become ESPN’s cricket content partner.ESPNcricInfo is a collaboration between ESPN, ESPN2 and the cricket network.

ESPNCronymedia is a joint venture between ESPNCricket and ESPN’s sister network ESPN3.ESPN has previously been a strong advocate of sport’s value and it has previously supported cricket with its World Cup coverage and the launch of its new online site, ESPN.com.

But it is expected to take a more strategic approach in its cricket coverage, with a goal of reaching the vast majority of cricket fans across the world.

“We have the opportunity to be the leading cricket content provider,” ESPNCrumlin, which has more than 10 million followers on Twitter, told ESPNcrony.com last month.

“We will continue to partner with our trusted partners in the cricket world.

This partnership gives us an opportunity to build an audience of millions of people who love the game and ESPN is a great partner to help them do that.”ESPN cricket content strategyESPNcricket chief executive John Gartrell said he wanted to see the news and content that fans around the world consume be “fiercely and comprehensively” delivered to them.”

The world of cricket has seen a huge increase in the amount of content that is available, and the opportunity for ESPN to become the leader in this is fantastic,” Gartrel said.

“ESPNCricketing’s new approach is a reflection of our commitment to our audiences.

ESPN’s content is unique and provides a great insight into the game in a very digestible way.

We look forward to being the leader for cricket content in the future.”ESPN has been in talks with cricket broadcasters and their channels for years to launch cricket content for their audiences.

Earlier this year, ESPN also signed a deal with the BCCI to provide cricket coverage in India for its coverage of the World Twenty20.