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Cricket Australia’s annual report 2018: A look at how the sport is doing

The 2018 Financial Post Cricket Australia annual report is out and it looks like the Aussies were a little more than on the mark in 2018.

While the financials are down in many key areas, the results are great and the game is thriving.

While the numbers for the first half of the financial year are pretty bleak for the Australian cricketers, things are looking up for the game in the second half.

Despite the low start to the year, Cricket Australia is seeing great success in the number of people tuning into the game on a regular basis, especially on mobile devices.

It has also been able to gain more users on mobile platforms, as it has started to scale up its games on tablets and phones.

The number of cricket fans in the country has increased from 5 million in 2018 to 8 million today.

This number is more than the number who were fans in 2015, and it is also up by over 20 per cent since the previous financial year.

However, Cricket has struggled to break into the top ten for the number and share of users who are playing cricket.

This was due in part to the launch of Cricket Australia Online in the middle of the year.

But it was also due to the arrival of new mobile platforms.

The number of mobile users and the share of cricket users is also down, with the biggest drop coming from those in the Western Australian region, where Cricket Australia has the biggest share of its cricket audience.

Cricket Australia has also had to work harder to maintain its brand, which is the most important asset the sport has.

This is partly due to a strong image, and partly due the loss of players like Peter Handscomb.

In 2017, Cricket was a very strong brand for Cricket Australia.

But in 2018, Cricket became a little less so.

There is no doubt that Cricket Australia will have a tough year in the next financial year as the financial problems of the sport become clearer.

As the financial results come in, Cricket will have to do a lot of work to maintain a strong brand image.

It has also become clear that Cricket is losing a lot more people to mobile devices than the people it was growing.

While that is still a very good thing for the sport, it is a problem that needs to be addressed if it is to maintain any level of interest in the game.

When Cricket Australia launches its 2018 financial results on October 9, it will reveal how it is doing, and what is happening with the sport in the months to come.

By Simon O’ConnorThe Australian Sports Report