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Which of these two teams are in the thick of the race for a 2019 World Cup spot?

Cricinfo understands that there are at least three teams in contention for the 2019 World T20 after the Indian Premier League (IPL) and Indian Premier Cricket League (ICL) announced that their players had signed new contracts.

The IPL also announced that they have signed the players of the Indian T20 team for 2019.

The IPL announced that the players signed by the IPL sides are: Ajay Agarwal (Shahdara), Shashank Manohar (Kolkata), Rajesh Kumar (Bhopal), Pradeep Yadav (Pune) and Prabir Patil (Bangalore).

The IPTL also confirmed that its team of India players will play in the 2019 ICC World Cup in the UAE.

The ICC World T12 will be held in the United Arab Emirates from August 1-7.

There will be two matches per day, with the winner advancing to the World Cup semi-finals and the loser to the quarter-finals.

The winner will be seeded in the World T15 in the group stages.

The T20 format of the tournament is very similar to the T20 World Cup which is held in England, Ireland and Wales.

The tournament is also being contested by India and Bangladesh.