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How to follow the ICC World Twenty20 2017 fixtures, and find out which team will go to the final

The ICC World Cup is now a mere eight days away.

That means there is little time for you to get up to speed on all the news and stats as the tournament approaches.

It is also a very busy week for cricket. 

And, of course, there are the new fixtures.

There is no way to watch the first day of the tournament without some sort of cricket-related news, and it is not as easy to find out what each team will play on Sunday.

Here are some of the key moments in the week.

The opening day will see the first of two Tests between India and Sri Lanka, and the first Test between Australia and England.

Both teams will be out to an unbeaten record of 0-1 and there is no guarantee that either team will win both matches.

That could be the difference between a draw and a draw between the teams.

India will play the third Test in Mumbai on Wednesday, and Sri Lankans play in Newlands, Queensland, Adelaide and Perth on Friday.

Australia’s batting line-up is the same as in 2016, and will be led by captain Darren Lehmann and second-rower Mitchell Marsh.

The backline of Shane Watson and Mitchell Starc, with David Warner, Chris Rogers and Scott Siddle, is a very strong unit. 

Australia’s bowling line-ups are also the same, with the same players.

They include allrounder Nathan Lyon and the No. 3 man, Brad Haddin, who are expected to play at the top of the order.

Australia’s captain, James Pattinson, is also in the mix to play the No 2 role, which could be an opportunity for his former Queensland teammate and current New South Wales captain Matt Prior to play a part.

Australia will have a full squad of around 300 players, and that is the same number of players that Australia will play for in the first two Tests of the World Cup, against New Zealand and Sri, the latter two being held in Sydney. 

However, there is a few changes for the opening day. 

In addition to the usual changes in the opening game, there will be some other changes, including an extra day off, which means the opening matches will take place on a Wednesday. 

There are also no changes to the schedule, although Australia will have to play one more Test in New Zealand, which is also an extra one-day game. 

The first Test against India will be played at the MCG on Sunday afternoon, with Sri Lanka playing their second Test in Hobart on Tuesday night.

The first Test will take the first place in the Group B standings and Australia will advance to the last two stages. 

It is worth noting that Australia has already won both of its Group A games against India. 

On Thursday, Australia will face Sri Lanka in Hoboken. 

As usual, the first-class matches will be broadcast on ESPN.