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What’s happening with hotstar cricket?

News Corp Australia can reveal that its Australian-owned online sports and entertainment company Hotstar has filed for a provisional patent relating to the cricket industry’s cricket video game.

The patent covers technology that could potentially be used to deliver an online cricket experience to a user’s TV or other mobile device, and is based on the concept of “remote control of live video content”.

“Hotstar is interested in developing and applying new and innovative technologies for the development of new applications,” Hotstar’s senior executive officer, Mark Tapp, said in a statement.

“Hotstars patented technology is based upon the concept and principles of remote control of content on an IPTV network.”

Hotstar has also filed an application for a patent relating “remote video content control” and has asked for permission to be awarded “for use in a video game”.

The patent is titled “Remote video content, including video and video game related content, video content and related services”.

Hotstar’s application is titled, “Remote control of video content”, and details a number of “elements” that could be used for the technology to deliver a “video game-like video and/or live sports experience”.

Hotstars patent describes the invention as “a method and an apparatus for controlling a video content on a video-game-like device using a remote video content controller, which includes a remote controller that includes a controller module that includes at least one control module which is connected to a video source, a remote control module that is connected at least to the video source and a remote display device that is used to display video content.”

“The remote control includes a processor that is configured to process the input from a user of the remote video controller, the remote control modules that are connected to the processor and the remote display devices configured to display a video or video game-related content on the remote screen.

The remote video control can also be configured to receive commands to be transmitted to the remote device by the remote controller module,” the application says.

The application was submitted on March 1.

Hotstar was founded by Peter Nappen in 2008, and was valued at $1.2 billion at the time of its IPO in December 2011.

Mr Nappens wife, Joanna, joined the company in 2011, and the company has continued to operate under the Nappes’ name.

The company has been criticised for its lack of transparency and transparency over its finances.

It has also been criticised by some players for the way it has treated players in its partnership with the ICC, with the game’s governing body stating last year it was “committed to providing quality player-driven and professional sports”.

HotStar has been given permission to conduct tests on a cricket video-games’ game-play experience using its patent, and it has also applied for a “provisional provisional patent” relating to its patent.