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How to get over the grief of losing your best friend to the Ebola outbreak

As if there wasn’t enough bad news for cricket fans, this week saw the death of the greatest of all time, Shane Warne.

A record-breaking wicketkeeper, Warne was the only player to record a century in the World Cup and was the last man to do it in a Test match.

But in April, he became the first man in history to succumb to Ebola.

The former All Black was in hospital when he contracted the virus and died a few days later.

In the wake of his death, Warney’s family announced that he would be remembered as a great man and a wonderful player.

Now, the man who played for the All Blacks and the South African government has been left grieving for his friend.

What do you make of the news that Shane Warney died of Ebola?

Are you mourning for Shane? 

Is he in your thoughts? 

What does the news have to do with the world of cricket? 

How do you deal with the grief?

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