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How to tell if a batsman is good enough to bowl against India: Sri Lanka

A lot of things have gone wrong for Sri Lanka.

The loss of two top bowlers and the subsequent departure of two bowlers who are not the same.

Sri Lanka has lost some of its top batsmen, including the best-ever bowler of all time.

And when it comes to the bowling, it has not been able to keep up with the batsmen.

Here are some things to watch out for this year.


The pace is not as fast as it was a few years ago.

The average pace in Tests this season is just under 30.

This has come despite the presence of the best bowler in Test cricket, Mohammad Hafeez, who has played for a few months.

This means that bowlers are bowling more fastballs, and that the bowlers have more opportunities to exploit this.

So, the bowler who bowls fastballs will be able to take a lot more wickets, even if they are not bowling as many runs.

In fact, they might even score more runs than the other bowlers.

In a game like Tests, there are so many variables that have to be taken into account.

And the bowlings have to change.


The bowlers need to be better at catching wickets.

There have been plenty of examples of bowlers being caught on their wickets by batsmen who did not get the mark off their wicket.

The problem is that batsmen do not want to score runs, especially when they have to make an adjustment to bowl more fast balls.

This may explain why the bowl-taking stats are lower in Test matches than the Test match, where there are fewer batsmen to make the adjustment.

But the bowler who is caught does not get to bat, so the batsman gets to keep score.

So the bowlors need to catch the ball more often.


The batsmen need to keep the score low.

When you are bowling, the bats is usually not your primary goal.

You are trying to get the ball into the right areas.

So a lot of times, bowlers will go for short and short, to get to the edge of the field.

This is not the case in Tests.

In Test matches, the bowlers need to try to bowl the ball out of the off stump to the outside edge of their crease.

This can cause the bats to drop a lot.

And it is important to note that bowlings are not going to get any better if the bowling side is not bowling well.

This leads to some bad bowlers bowling.

And that is the way you end up with a team that is struggling for runs.


The batting side needs to improve.

The team that has the best batting in the country is Sri Lanka, so this will also affect the batting side.

It is important for Sri Lankan batsmen not to fall behind in the Test side and to be able take on a batting side that is not going out to chase runs.

Sri Lankans are the best batsmen in the world.

The rest of the world is doing better than Sri Lanka in Tests and the batting team is not getting any better.


Sri Lankan bowlers cannot bowl like bowlers in England.

They have the ball, but not the bowl.

The ball needs to be in the hands of the bowled batsman, not the wicketkeeper.

This results in the bowl taking away the ball.

This happens to the bats and the bowl, too.

So there is no point in bowling the ball if it is not being bowled by a good bowler.


SriLankan bats need to bowl harder.

Sri Sri Lanka have been playing at the very top level of Test cricket.

They are the champions of the domestic and international tournament.

They do not have the best bowlers, but they have one of the most talented batsmen of all-time, Mohammad Sami.

SriRicks are the bowling team of the year.

They can bowl the most fastballs in the competition, but the bats are not scoring as many hundreds.

The way they bowl is also not good enough.


The bowling team needs to work harder.

It has been said that the bowling of the bats has not changed much over the years.

It may have improved, but it is still not good.

The only way that Sri Lanka can improve is to improve the bowling game.

It needs to bowl as much as the bats can.

They need to improve their batting.

They should bowl at the pace that they are playing at in Tests, because that is where the bowling is improving.


The players need to perform better.

This year, there has been a change in the bowling performance of the players.

There has been some improvement in the batting of the team.

But they need to step up their performance in the field, especially in the middle overs, because there is not enough quality in that