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How to get Pakistan cricket to the ICC? – ANI

Pakistan cricket team captain Shahryar Khan on Wednesday said he is planning to file a petition in the ICC to challenge its ban on his team, claiming it violated international cricket’s anti-doping rules.

The ICC suspended Khan in April for six months after it found evidence that he failed to declare himself a banned player during the team’s pre-tournament tour of Sri Lanka in December.

However, Khan is not a banned member of the squad, so the ICC has no power to change the suspension.

Khan, who will be one of three team members to challenge the ban in a hearing at the ICC, said he will ask the ICC’s General Counsel to reconsider the decision.

“I will file a case at the court tomorrow and ask the court to reconsider,” he said.

“The suspension is still there and I am asking for a hearing to look at it, so I am not waiting any longer.

We have to prepare our petition.”

Khan’s petition was filed in the US, where he was born and raised, and in Germany, where his father is a member of parliament.

The petition will be filed in US district court in New York, where Khan is from.

“It is an injustice for the ICC not to have its jurisdiction over Pakistan,” he told The Associated Press.

“We have had to resort to filing petitions to get the suspension lifted and the suspension removed from the ICC.

It is not fair.

It doesn’t take place in our country.”

Pakistan was granted exemption from the anti-kickback law last year following a series of high-profile doping scandals that rocked the national cricket team.

The team was ranked seventh in the world at the time of the suspension, and lost the World Cup to the West Indies in the quarter-finals.

Kiran Johar is the first Pakistan player to file an appeal against the ban, and his lawyer, Shahryarlal Kumar, told the AP that he was confident Khan’s petition would be heard.

“Kirani has not filed a petition against the suspension in the court of law.

He is confident that the appeal will be heard in the courts of law and the ban lifted,” Kumar said.

The case against the Pakistani team has not been tested, but the anti-“doping” law has been the subject of a high-stakes battle for more than a decade.

A court in Australia last month said it would issue an injunction to prevent the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) from enforcing a six-month ban on the team and the World Chess Federation from taking action against the players.

The WADA is a US-based agency that investigates and adjudicates cases of anti-competition violations.

The players, though, maintain that the anti-[doping] laws are being violated and that they have not been sanctioned under the anti–doping laws.WADA, which is based in Switzerland, said it had no comment on the petition filed by Khan.