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Why Malayalam cricket fans should not boycott Dhaka

DHAKA: Malayalis should not be boycotting Bangladesh’s Champions League cricket team for not playing a single game due to the outbreak of the H1N1 pandemic.

Cricket fans from all over the country are boycotting Dhaka’s Dhaka Super League (DSL) squad for playing only three matches, even though Dhaka has played nine matches without a single player missing from the team.

A Dhaka team official said the team was not aware of any players missing from a match on the day the pandemic began on August 26.

The official said that when the team went into Dhaka for the first time in seven days, the team officials had informed the Dhaka Police about the missing players.

But the Dhana Police, the official said, had not informed them about any of the missing Dhaka players.

This has caused confusion among fans, who are waiting for a notification from the Dhama police before the team can play a single match.

“The team will play three matches in Dhaka in which there will be three teams in the league, one from each of the five counties.

However, it is still not clear whether the players will be allowed to play or not.

We are awaiting the Dhankar (Police) notification to ascertain whether they will allow the players to play,” the official told CNN-IBN.

This is not the first incident of a team not playing in Dhana, with other teams missing out on the Champions League due to a lack of players.

The other four teams missing from Dhaka this year are all from Bangladesh.

The DSS, the national cricket association of Bangladesh, had announced that the team would not play a match in Dhukar until the city was declared free of the disease.

The DSS also informed the authorities of the city about the team’s decision to boycott the tournament.

Bangladesh’s cricket team is scheduled to play the first two games against Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in the Dhukkar Super League on Saturday and Sunday, the same day the DSS announced that Bangladesh would not participate in the Champions league.