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Which is the best telugu player?

Telugu cricket player, Gautam Gambhir, who scored his maiden century in a game against Australia on Thursday, has made the news a few times already.

In April this year, he scored a century in an ODIs against India, and on Sunday, he was also called out by his team-mates for taking an elbow to the shoulder of a batsman.

Gambhire’s batting has been very good this season, and his performances have helped his team, but it has also made him an example for the whole cricket world.

Gambhir has scored a ton of runs in ODIs, which means he’s scored tons of runs and taken tons of wickets, but his batting hasn’t been consistent.

When his team is playing well, he is often batting with his feet elevated and swinging the bat.

It’s very easy for a player to bowl when he is batting well, but when the team is struggling, it’s much harder to bowl well.

I thought it was very easy to bowl.

When the team was struggling, Gambhiro had been batting very well, which was a big problem.

The only problem was that he had taken an elbow on the shoulder.

This was a tough situation for Gambhires team.

He was in the middle of a Test match and he didn’t have time to bowl, so he bowled the ball straight away.

He has not bowled for a long time.

What’s the next big challenge?

The next big thing for Gambhs team is to be more consistent.

It’s a great challenge.

We have to keep playing like we did against Australia.

His batting is very good, but he hasn’t scored lots of runs yet, so I think he will need to improve on his bowling to make the grade.

Batsman Gautama Das is a player who has been playing well this season.

If he plays like he did against India in April, I think his team will make it very tough for India.

India are a very good team.

They are a team that can play good cricket and are a threat when they come out of the game.

They have a good attack, so it’s important that they score runs.

That’s the thing that I am looking forward to.