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Which is better, the Kannada version of cricket, or the English version?

Karnataka has long been a destination for people from other parts of the country, especially those who have been living in the city for a long time.

The city’s population has grown rapidly and is now the second largest in India after Bengaluru, with more than 40 million people.

Kannadigas cricket fans have also made their mark in the country.

But a recent surge in interest in the sport has also made the sport a hit among the locals.

The number of matches being played at Kannadas ground has doubled in the past three years.

The Karnataka Cricket Association (KCA) says that since the advent of digital technology in 2016, matches at the ground have become more popular.

“Kanakas crowds are not just a football fan but also a cricket fan,” says Dhamyesh Singh, president of the association.

“The cricket matches in Kanakas are a very big hit in Karnataka.

They have become a big part of the city’s culture and our players enjoy it.

I think this has helped them to attract new fans.”

The KCA’s Kannadic cricket, which started as a one-off event in 2012, has now expanded to all the six grounds across the state.

This year’s match will take place at Kanakakal, the first one since the association launched the sport in 2015.

The association is also planning a Kannadi event for the next edition of the Karnataka Cup.

While the association is in talks with the government to set up a special cricket ground in Kanaka, it has not been able to secure a license to build the stadium yet.

This has left many people, especially locals, in the dark.

“There is no place for us in Kanakia,” says Kannabi Bhiyankar, a resident of Kanakagam, a village near Kanakal.

“We are in need of a place to train our kids and our parents and we can’t find any such facility anywhere.”

Kannadiga and Kannadevi people who have lived in Kanakhadipuram, Kanakampuram and Kanakavaram in the last three years have also not found a place for themselves.

“Our Kannadian football team had just finished playing in the Kanakadipulam Stadium but they had to leave for the Kankampurampurum grounds,” says Vyas, a Kancal resident.

“It is not a place we would want to stay in.

The government should make a special place for Kanadevi cricket fans.

There is a Kanchi-based cricket club in Kanadevis.

We would like to join it.”

The association’s president, Srikanth, agrees.

“There is a need for a Kaniyas special cricket facility in Kanashampurim.

It is only fair that Kaniya fans can enjoy playing in their own home ground.

Kaniye fans have not been allowed to come here, so it is up to us to make this a reality.”

The Kancals football team will be attending a match against Kanchis team at Kanashavaram on October 7.