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Cricket Australia confirms South Africa players were on the field at Melbourne on Thursday – but say they had not played cricket

The South African cricket team was on the ground at Melbourne Cricket Ground on Thursday when they were allegedly seen batting and bowling at the same time.

The players were not present at the game, but they have denied any involvement.

Cricket Australia confirmed the players were in the field and said they were not in the game.

“We are not aware of any players or players teams participating in a cricket match,” a Cricket Australia spokesperson said.

It’s understood that the players who were present at Melbourne’s ground are members of the South African national team.

“The South African team did not participate in a match during the cricket practice session,” a statement from Cricket Australia read.

The team were scheduled to play Australia in the World Cup final at Adelaide Oval on Sunday.

Australia’s coach Steve Smith confirmed the South Africans were not participating in the practice session.

“[We were] not participating at all.

We were on our way to play the South Africa team,” he told ABC News 24.

South Africa were also not on the pitch at the Adelaide Oval when Australia defeated New Zealand in the first Test at Adelaide earlier in the day.

Earlier on Thursday, Cricket Australia confirmed that the South Australian team was not participating when it hosted the West Indies at Adelaide.

Australian officials were briefed on the game by Cricket Australia officials on Wednesday morning, the day before the game was scheduled to begin.

ABC Cricket Breakfast reporter Daniel Broughton, who was present during the game on Thursday morning, said the Australian team had not participated in the play-off match at the Oval.

Broughton said the only player that was present at Adelaide on Thursday was former Australian cricketer Stephen Smith.

Smith has been suspended for three matches for alleged misconduct, including for striking a spectator in the head.

He was also banned from playing for two months after the incident.

Meanwhile, Australia’s national team captain Brendon McCullum has admitted he was “livid” after his team’s first-day loss to New Zealand, saying they should have won.

Former Test captain Steve Smith has been arrested and charged with assault.

He has been released on bail until November 30.

McCullum told the Nine Network that he was furious at the outcome of the match.

After the match, he tweeted: “This was a disgrace.

This is why we have to be smarter about our tactics.

This was a shame for the fans and players.”

ABC News 24’s Dan Gorman, on the day the game between Australia and New Zealand was postponed, said that McCullum was “furious” at the way the game went down.

New Zealand coach Brad Haddin said he was pleased McCullum had been charged with assaulting the spectator, but he was not satisfied that he had done anything wrong.

Asked about the incident on Thursday night, McCullum said: “I’m not mad.

I’m just frustrated.

It was a poor decision.

As soon as the ball was bowled, I looked up and I saw the ball hit the spectator in his head and I went to my side and tried to stop it.

I tried to get the bat on the ball and get it to stop, and it just hit the bat and the ball just hit me in the face.”

McCullum will be charged with dangerous conduct, assault and misconduct after the match on Sunday, when Australia will host India.