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When India and Bangladesh play: What they’re saying about the upcoming match

Ahead of the India-Bangladesh cricket series, Aamir Khan says the two nations should meet again “every five years” and there should be no “miscalculation”.

“When the team meets every five years, I would say there should not be any misunderstanding about what it is about to happen,” the actor said in an interview to NDTV on Monday.

Asked whether he had any concerns about India-Bhutan-Pakistan-Australia-Pakistan ties in the future, the actor added, “I don’t have any doubts about that.

There should not even be a problem of miscommunication between the two countries.

But that is for me to decide.”

Khan, who will return to Bollywood next month, said India-Pakistan matches should be scheduled every five-year cycle and there shouldn’t be any misunderstandings between the teams.

“The only thing I would suggest is that there should never be any miscalculation,” the star said.

“There should not ever be any miscommunication with the other side.

It should never happen.

There is no need for it.”

On the Pakistan-India-Bangla rivalry, Khan said that he is not worried about it and said that the two teams “should have peace and harmony”.

“I am not worried by any thing.

I am happy about Pakistan and India.

If there is peace and peace between them, then we will have a very good match,” the Indian actor said.

He also said that there is no reason why the fans of Pakistan should be disappointed.

“It is our country.

It is our pride.

We are Pakistan.

We will show them what Pakistan is all about,” he added.