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Which cricket teams are good? | Analysis and stats

BANGALORE: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has come out swinging after a string of tweets criticising Pakistan’s cricket team, accusing it of “not being good enough”.

Bollywood superstar Riz Ahmed also chimed in, saying the team is not the same as the country.

Here is the tweet Shah RukH: #Pakistanis team is NOT the same Pakistan as the one we played in, we’re better than them, @Rizahub Khan.

I love you @RitzahubKhan #PakPunjab.

A few days ago, the Pakistan cricket team had scored just three runs in its last six ODIs.

Pakistan’s cricket department is known to have taken issue with the tweets.

The team tweeted on Thursday: “Not good enough for us!

I am proud of our team.

We are playing better than you!”

On Friday, Shah Rukhit also lashed out at the Pakistan team for not being as good as the Pakistan Cricket Board, and claimed it was “not good enough” for the country to compete in the World Cup.