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Watch: Watch Nine’s coverage of the World Cup on Nine News in the UK

Nine News Queensland’s coverage and commentary of the FIFA World Cup has become the biggest of any television channel.

The channel, which has an international audience of about 1.6 million, has picked up the coverage of several World Cup matches across the globe, including Australia’s victory over South Africa and Argentina’s win over Germany in the final.

Nine News Queensland has also covered a number of international tournaments, including the 2014 FIFA World Cups in Germany and Argentina, and the 2019 FIFA Confederations Cup.

This week, Nine News was on hand to witness Australia’s semi-final against South Africa at Twickenham, the first match in the finals of the two nations’ domestic competitions, in which the hosts took the lead at the break.

After Australia’s match, Nine’s commentators also picked up a number details about the tournament including the number of World Cup games in Australia, which had been downgraded from six to three, the number in the country, which was down from about 25,000 to a smaller number of about 30,000, and other details.

In a follow-up interview with Nine News, Nine Sports managing director of sports media David Ruggiero said that the Nine News team was excited to be part of the coverage as they “are able to put a face to the sport in a way that we’ve never been able to before”.

“It is great to see the passion of the Nine Network team and to see how they’re doing in covering the World Cups,” Ruggie said.

“We’re going to do more and more of it in future, so we’re really excited about that.”

Nine News’ coverage of football has also been very positive for the network.

The channel picked up coverage of Australia’s World Cup opener against Italy in Sydney and featured the match in its World Cup coverage.

On Friday, the channel reported that England and Uruguay will play their World Cup qualifiers in Australia.

During the World Series of Boxing, Nine Network picked up some details on Australia’s win against Mexico.

Ten News was also on hand during the World T20 final between England and Australia.

The Nine News coverage of World Cups has been very good and the network has been able for the first time to pick up the match-ups for the 2018 World Cup and 2019 World Cup, Ruggiesto said.

“We’ve had some great coverage of FIFA World T25, we’ve had a great coverage for the World Cricket World Cup [on the network],” Ruggiesaid.

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