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New details emerge about two Sri Lankans who have died in the US after visiting US-based doctor

A New York-based American doctor who has worked with the Sri Lankan cricket team has died in Sri Lanka.

A Sri Lankar doctor who treated a team member has died after visiting a doctor in the United States, his family has said.

Sri Lankan officials say the doctor was one of four doctors working with the team.

The doctor, who was working as a physician in Sri Lank, was killed in New York on Sunday.

“He was an incredibly dedicated and compassionate man and a devoted friend to all of us,” his son, Manoj, said in a statement.

In addition to the US, Manaj said Sri Lank and US cricket teams have been in touch.

“The Sri Lank team and the Sri Lanka Cricket Team have been communicating via the US Cricket Board’s Facebook page to express their deepest condolences to his family and friends,” he said.

Manoj also thanked the medical staff at the Sri Lifeline for their efforts.

“Sri Lanka has suffered a great loss of a life in the care of the Sri LifeLine,” he added.

The Australian government has ordered a full investigation into the doctor’s death.

The Sri Lanka cricket team is yet to comment on the death.