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Chris Gayle – A Great Cricket Player

Chris Gayle has many photos online and his wife is very proud of this cricket player. Chris Gayle best record is still to come, as he is working hard to improve his performance every single day. We are going to talk a little bit about Chris Gayle and the things he has in store for the coming years.


Amazing Player
Chris Gay plays for West Indies, an International cricket team. He is a powerful batsman that has set a wide array of records in this game. This cricket player has also scored 2 triple centuries at the famous Test level. Chris Gay is a big hitter, and he has just often hit sixes. He hit a 6 off his first ball in a Test match becoming the first player who did so. He also scored an important 30-ball century, which became the highest individual T-twenty score. Chris Gay was also announced as the Caribbean Premier League`s first franchise player.
Scouring a Double Century
Chris Gay scored a double century in the World Cup playing as a batsman. In this event, Chris Gay reached 200 off 138 awesome balls right against Zimbabwe in 2015. Chris Gay finished with 215 runs, which set the record for the highest score in any world cup till it was eclipsed by Martin Guptill. Chris Gay is just one of the few players scoring a double century in any ODIs. Chris Gay started playing cricket in Jamaica at the Lucas Cricket Club. This cricket player is grateful that he played at the Lucas Cricket Club.
International Player
When he was 19, he made his now famous first-class debut for Jamaica. Eleven month later, Chris Gay played a One Day International for the first time in his life. He also played a Test match for the first time in his life 6 months later. Being the captain of his university team, he had a lot of fun there as well. This cricket star studied gas and petroleum engineering, becoming a meritorious student in those fields. Chris Gay is most effective when he plays square of any wicket out there. Chris Gay is also a destructive batsman for any team out there.
International Rise
Chris Gay ended 2012 with 3 centuries right against India in 2012. He also became the very first West Indian with a score over a thousand runs in just a calendar year. He shares this feat with Brian Lara and Vivian Richards. He has also had some scores of 150, which is something very rare in the cricket world. He had some problems related to sponsoring issues in 2005, and he was also dropped for his first Test right against South Africa due to this situation. He had a poor series when he returned for his second Test.
As you can see, Chris Gayle is an amazing cricket player. He was born in Jamaica becoming one of the best cricket players in the world. He started playing this sport at an early age, which is essential in his rise to the first spots in the world of cricket around the world. This player has a great international record too and he should be very proud of this.

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