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Bangladesh national cricket team !

Bangladesh Cricket Team and Its History written by: orlandobatista11 The Bangladesh cricket team is an important part of the country. The Tigers, Bangladesh`s cricket team, generates a lot of passion in this country. This team works hard to represent this nation in many international cricket events that take place very year around the world. Though The Tigers don’t have a brilliant record in the Test world, but they are always improving their performance over time. This situation has made the team resilient to many problems down the road, which is something that the Bangladesh people adore as well. We are going to talk a little bit about this amazing team here.

The Tigers
The Tigers is Bangladesh`s cricket team that represents the country in international cricket. The BCB or Bangladesh Cricket Board is in charge of the team`s administration. The Tigers have an ODI status and is a full member of the famous ICC. In 1979, The Tigers played in the international scene for the first time in England. In 1986, The Tigers played their first ODI match. Cricket is one of the most important pastimes in this nation surpassing football as well. in 1997, the team qualified for the Cricket World Cup for the first time in its history.
Ugly Record
The Tigers have a record of the most consecutive losses that have happened in Tests and ODIs. In 2004, The Tigers won their first ODI win since the year 1999. The Tigers have only won 7 Tests as of 2015. The first and second victories happened against the Zimbabwe team and the Wet Indian team respectively. The fans of The Tigers take the game seriously. For instance, hundreds of these fans turned up outside the BCB`s office in Bangladesh when The Tigers lost an ODI just against the famous Kenya cricket team in 1999. Now you can see what these fans can do.
Passionate Cricket Fans
The Bangladesh people is one of the most passionate countries when it comes to cricket. When The Tigers win an important match, fans normally take to the country`s street so that they can celebrate at their hearts` content. For instance, The Tigers defeated South Africa in the year 2001. And what happened? It happened that Bangladesh people took to the streets again just to celebrate this feat right away. As you can see, celebration and cricket are two important aspects of the Bangladesh people these days. The BCB is the organization created to promote cricket in Bangladesh.
As you can see, The Tigers generate tons of passion in Bangladesh. Their fans are willing to take to the streets whenever they feel like it, and this treat is something to remember. The Tigers have been playing successfully in many international invents. The team defeated South Africa in 2001, and the people of Bangladesh enjoyed every minute of the victory on the streets of the country. Cricket is a very important pastime in Bangladesh, and the nation is very proud of this feat as well. Even though football is very popular in this nation, cricket has become more popular than football in recent years. Cricket fans are also very passionate about The Tigers, and they enjoy every victory of the team. These fans are more than willing to take to the streets whenever they want to.

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