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Bangladesh Cricket Council – BCC And Bangladeshi Cricketer List !

Bangladeshi Cricket

South Asia is one of the world’s most densely populated regions in the world. It contains about 1/10th of the world’s population. The region is made of complex dynamics and behaviour and is very unpredictable. The major countries in the region are Bangladesh,Pakistan, , India and Sri Lanka. These four countries form the core of south Asia with small countries like Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives being the smaller countries. As diverse and complicated these regions are, there is one thing that equally loved in all four major countries including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. That’s cricket. Cricket is the only sport that is equally loved in all these countries and some of the most prominent cricketers in the history of world cricket have emerged from India and Pakistan.

Bangladesh, after its separation from Pakistan, established its own cricket board and a team. It was separated from Pakistan in 1971 and its own board was established in 1972. For three decades, the Bangladesh cricket showed little promise in the international arena. They showed a spark, but it never lasted the long run. They played their first one-day international against the country with who they separated, Pakistan in 1987. It was a match in the Asia cup.

It wasn’t until June 2000 that the Bangladesh cricket team was granted a full membership of the ICC. It meant that they could now play test cricket which is considered the highest and most prestigious form of cricket. This milestone was made possible after they defeated Pakistan and Scotland in the 1999 world cup held in England. This was a major step for the Bangladesh cricket.

Bangladesh played their first test in 2001 against India in Dhaka. Their progress in the biggest format of the game has been slow. They haven’t won a test series against any of they top sides in the cricket. They have produced some good players but no great players have come out of the country.

They have been causing occasional upsets like beating India in the 2007 world cup. But their performances have been few and far between. Until the world cup 2015, when they put up consist performances and for the first time, showed the cricketing world that they have the metal to stay and put up a good show in the international cricket. They defeated England and showed impressive performances. After the 20115 world cup, their golden run started.

After the world cup, Bangladesh defeated Pakistan, India, and south Africa in succession to cement the 7th position in the ICC ranking for the first time ever. It was the start of the best season in the history of the Bangladeshi cricket. These impressive performances made the cricketing realise that Bangladesh was now a force to be reckoned with. These were their first major victories and it lifted the morale of both the team and the crowd. Cricket is loved in all Bangladesh and the crowd really loves it when the team performs well.

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